Yellow and Turquoise
Greene Exhibitions
November 16, 2013

Two hours. He begins with two bodies, Yellow and Turquoise.

He wants him.
He needs her.
She hates him.
He loves them.

Each of these relationships varies in dependency and shifts between need: financial, physical, emotional.

He takes her to the hospital, after she jumped out of the window.
She reminds him about his pills, otherwise he would forget.
He gets him an ice pack from the fridge, after the fall he can't walk.
He listens to him complain about his ex, he wants to be helpful, he wants to be in his life.

As the performance develops, forms shift. They expand beyond two tones as colors begin to bleed and refract into a number of patterns and shapes.

Black and white polka dots
Striped Pastel
Blue glitter
Pink floral

Through installation, video and photographic collage, a web of bodies materializes, developing into a complex network of images, interactions, and personal experiences.