Baby Blue
PAM Residency
February 1, 2015

They planned to be hiking, but instead they sit in his car, pressing themselves against the car doors, periodically staring back at each other, then avoiding eye contact altogether and looking away for long lengths of time. A hand grazes against another’s leg, and then sadness. This ritual of exiting from each other’s lives has become habitual; this time will be the last. He tries to keep the conversation going for as long as possible, knowing that when it ends, it ends. He watches him fidget with his keys, signaling that he’s ready to leave.

They are the most honest with each other during these breakups. As he drives, he stares out of the passenger window, watching people on the street in thick winter jackets carrying groceries into their homes, preparing for New Year’s celebrations. They pass a small park and he asks him to pull over for a minute. He needs one more minute. He leans his head into his red hoodie and creates a pocket for his face. He wants to be close to him and he wants to hide.

He doesn’t want him to see these tears.

Baby Blue is the sixth performance in a larger series titled Color/d. Within the space, objects, fabrics, goods, and detritus are shuttled between different locations, producing perpetually shifting arrangements, while fragments of narrated video based on daily experience play in the background. The combination of installation, performance, and video forms a complex of moving images that explores artifice through personal narrative.