Soft Whites
PDA Los Angeles
November 22, 2015

2-Can I brush my teeth?

1-Sure. I have an extra toothbrush.

2-Where is it?

1-Under the counter.

2-Why can’t I use yours?

1-Ummm…no you can.

2-I don’t have to if you don’t want me to, I'm just asking why.

1-I just don’t normally share my toothbrush.

2-Your face was in my butt and I can’t use your tooth brush.


2-That reminds me what do you want for dinner?


2-(under his breath) Asshole!

PDA presents Pau S. Pescador: Soft Whites, a site-specific video installation taking place within Amy Thoner's apartment. Inspired by the fluidity and mise-en-scene of Godard's 1963 film "Contempt" in relation to Thoner's apartment space, Pescador superimposes polychromatic materials and vignettes over the existing interior infrastructure, utilizing the new hybrid atmosphere to discuss the banality and intimacy within relationships.