Ashes on Ashes, Los Angeles
March 19–April 30, 2016

1:1 is an exhibition by Los Angeles–based artists Amir Nikravan and Pau S. Pescador. As an aspect ratio, the show’s title, 1:1, serves a dual purpose—it produces an overarching metaphor for the physical body and its index, as well as for two distinct yet aligned artistic practices. Tactile materials such as poured liquid, clay, and fabric produce transformative marks, which are as much the subject of the work as the forms they create. The residue of these acts becomes pervasive, as objects and actions transform into images which reference a continuous process of artistic production. An eroticized detachment from the human form and fetishization of the art object produces an air of queerness, forming a relationship which appears both melancholic and restrained.

Pescadors’ photographic series Crushes uses images as stand-ins for form. Utilizing readymade strategies, Pescador references the body through cropping and re-contextualization. Presentation and structure become the lens to address the personal and public within the artist’s practice. Surface becomes pervasive, linking the tactility of found materials to the human form.