Paul Pescador is an artist and artist organizer. His actions, gestures and performances deal with issues surrounding social disconnection and communal space.  He is a Studio Art MFA candidate for the University of California, Irvine. He is the co-director of workspace, a project space in Lincoln Heights. 

2012   University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA, M.F.A
2005   University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, B.A.                                  

2010  Shangrila, Neon Gallery, Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach, CA
           Thank You, Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles CA
2009  Gifts, workspace, Los Angeles, CA                                               

2011  My body lies over the ocean. My body lies over the sea., Barkerhanger, Santa Monica, CA
2010  Eternal Telethon, Machine Projects
           Crying over Spilled Milk, Human Resources, Los Angeles
           Happy Endings, I am Bacchus, Los Angeles, CA
           Perform Now, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA
           Situating Ourselves with Them, Five Thirty Three, Los Angeles, CA
           Subtle Bodies, Norton Simon Museum, Los Angeles, CA
           Eternal Telethon, Five Thirty Three, Los Angeles, CA
           Elysian Fields, Elysian Park Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA                                   

Conversation between Strangers, Catalyst, Irvine, CA                 
2009  Scent, Compact Space, Los Angeles, CA                                                                    
           Breakup, Lyeberry, Los Angeles, CA
           Meal, Washington Boulevard Concert, Los Angeles, CA                    
           Conversation Between Backs, Workspace, Los Angeles, CA  

2011  Rearwindow, Night Gallery, Los Angeles (forthcoming)
           ne me quitte pas,: 2nd year graduate exhibition,  UAG Gallery, Irvine, CA
           Cell phone exhibition, Canal
2010  Record Shop, Public Fiction, Los Angeles, CA
           Private Investigations, Mastodon Mesa, Los Angeles, CA
           Obsessive, Obsessive, Obsessed, Summer Camp, Los Angeles, CA
           Distance, Stoke Newtington International Airport, London, UK
           Workspace Selects, House of Genesee, Los Angeles, CA
           Mastodon Maze, Los Angeles Contemporary, Los Angeles CA
           Performing Public Space , Casa de Tunnel, Tijuana, Mexico                                        
2009  Shout! Festival, Birmingham Queer Open, Birmingham, England                        
           Urban Plein Air, Telic Arts Exchange, Los Angeles, CA                                    
           Drought, Koos Art Center, Long Beach, CA                                 
2008  Exchange Rates, Convention and Attitudes, New York, NY                                    
           Circular Exhibition, Gallery Ho, Seoul, Korea                             
           Circular Exhibition, Hun Gallery, New York, NY                                         
           Joint Custody Project, Found Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                
           Turn, Shotgun Space , Los Angeles, CA                                                                 

2011  Hollowing, Notary Public, New York (forthcoming)
           My body lies over the ocean. My body lies over the sea., Barkerhanger, Santa Monica, CA

2010  Hollowing, Infernoesque, Berlin
          Crying over Spilled Milk, Human Resources, Los Angeles
          Situating ourselves with them, Five Thirty Three, Los Angeles, CA
 2009 Duplex, Block Party, Los Angeles, CA                        
          They Became What They Beheld, Bandit Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                         
2010    Zog's Dogs Fellow

2010   Public Interest: Projects and Prototypes, LACE, Los Angeles, CA
            Tryharder, Los Angeles, CA
            Daily 49er, Long Beach, CA
            Fine Arts LA: Panel of the Muses, LACE, Los Angeles, CA
            Situating Ourselves with Them, Another Righteous Transfer, Los Angeles, CA
            In conversation with Melinda Guillien, Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
            The New Gay, Los Angeles, CA
            Notes on Looking, Fellows for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
            Performing Public Space, For Your Art: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 
2009   Biola University, La Mirada, CA            
            They Became What They Beheld, Fine Art LA                                                                        

They Became What They Beheld, Future Ship Wreck                                                  
2008    Joint Custody: Found Gallery, White Hot Magazine       

2010   You’ve got problems, we got solutions, 323 projects, Los Angeles

Adrian Piper  Gallery
2011  Welcome to Los Angeles, Collective Show, Los Angeles
2010  Waves

Elysian Park Museum of Art
2010  EPMOA, LACE, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Raidspace/Workprojects , Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Domestic, Block Party, Los Angeles, CA